Kiwis urged to make the most of a warm weekend before cooler temperatures creep in

New Zealand should make the most of a warm weekend, because autumn is almost upon Aotearoa.

NIWA's principal scientist Chris Brandolino says Wellington will get a rare show of sunshine over the weekend.

"It's going to be a warm weekend - temperatures will be well into the 20s and Martinborough could hit 28C tomorrow," he told The AM Show on Friday.

Auckland and Northland will enjoy mild weather too - a light easterly breeze can be expected, and there's a chance of some showers, but Brandolino says for the most part the weather across the country will be stunning - and scorching. 

But it's not here to stay.

"They're going out with a bang," said Brandolino.

Monday marks the beginning of meteorological autumn - and with that comes cooler temperatures and less settled weather. 

"There'll be more showers, thunderstorms - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are still warm and humid but the week after is unusually chilly, unusually unsettled - there's going to be a cold snap." 

But this weekend at least, New Zealand can enjoy the last of the summer weather.