Nurses get ACC payouts after catching COVID-19 at work

A nurse.
A nurse. Photo credit: Getty


Nine nurses have been given ACC payments after catching COVID-19 while working.

Figures from ACC - released to the Nurses Society - show there were 12 claims for compensation for COVID-19 last year.

ACC payouts for the virus have so far totalled almost $100,000.

Nine claims were from nurses, two from healthcare workers and one was classified as 'other'.

Nurses Society director David Wills said the numbers were small, but demonstrated the danger frontline workers could contract the virus.

"Even with best practice, there is a risk for nurses," Wills said.

"They are aware of that, but at least it's reassuring that ACC has accepted cover and has paid out.

"That's important not just in the short term, but also long term, if they have any long term or chronic effects."