Police step in after man wearing 'Be Kind' T-shirt clashes with anti-vax protesters at Auckland demonstration

Police monitoring a large group of anti-vax protesters on Saturday were forced to step in after a confrontation with a man wearing a 'Be Kind' T-shirt turned physical.

Over 100 protesters clumped around the footpaths near Countdown in Greenlane around 12:30pm in a vocal protest, the same day New Zealand rolled out the COVID-19 vaccine to our border workforce.

Footage posted on Facebook shows the man in a 'Be Kind' T-shirt getting shouted at by irate protesters after he confronted them.

"Be kind" is a catchphrase associated with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern - who has repeatedly used the saying during the lockdowns.

"You're a wanker mate, trying to kill everybody," a protester shouted as the man gestured with his hands.

"You're a coward. Piss off the road [sic]," another told him.

When the man charged towards the protesters, one of them pushed him with a sign. The man was then escorted away by police.

Police told Newshub on Saturday they are aware of the protest action in Greenlane.

"We have staff present and are continuing to monitor the situation and will respond to any issues that may arise," a spokesperson told Newshub.

"Police's role is to ensure safety and uphold the law, while recognising the lawful right to protest.

"Of course, those involved should be adhering to the current alert level 2 restrictions in place."

The first group of Kiwi border workers received their COVID-19 vaccine shot on Saturday, a move described as a "milestone" for New Zealand.

"Vaccination of our hard-working and dedicated border staff marks a significant step forward," Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said. 

"A milestone that protects those at highest risk of getting the virus and helps to reduce the risk of it spreading into the community."