Police warning over gang's motorcycle run in Auckland's North Shore

The motorcycle run will be held in Auckland's North Shore on Saturday.
The motorcycle run will be held in Auckland's North Shore on Saturday. Photo credit: Getty / Facebook

Police are warning of a gang's motorcycle run to be held in Auckland's North Shore on Saturday 27 February.

Waitematā Police will be actively monitoring the motorcycle run involving members of the Hells Angels Nomads gang to ensure it is conducted in a safe manner.

"Previous events of this nature have caused concern for members of the community due to unsafe driving behaviour by those involved," Waitematā Police Inspector Simon Walker said in a statement.

"[We] will be gathering evidence of any breaches of traffic regulations or unsafe behaviour exhibited by participants.

"Police will vigorously investigate and prosecute any individuals who commit offences or place other road users and the wider community at risk."

Earlier this month, hundreds of motorcyclists were filmed engaging in illegal and dangerous behaviours on east Auckland roads.

The motorcyclists were caught riding without helmets, intimidating drivers, doing wheelies and burnouts and riding unregistered dirt bikes.

Police encourage any members of the public who witness unsafe driving to note the registration numbers and, where possible, film the behaviour.

You can report any concerns to Police at 105.police.govt or by calling 105.