Pullman hotel reopens at half capacity after deep clean and investigation

Pullman Hotel to reopen at 50 percent capacity
Pullman Hotel to reopen at 50 percent capacity Photo credit: Getty Images.

The Pullman hotel has welcomed its first guests this morning since it shut down after three returnees contracted the virus during their stay.

The managed isolation and quarantine facility (MIQ) is initially reopening at 50 percent capacity for the first two weeks. Only the lower floors will be used to reduce the use of lifts while air filtration systems in them are being upgraded and replaced.

This comes after an intensive deep cleaning process and an investigation by health officials leading to changes in the way the Pullman will be operated.

Corridor ventilation will now operate 24/7, significantly reducing the risk of airborne transmission and protocols are being implemented to control the airflow out of individual rooms. 

COVID-19 response minister, Chris Hipkins said the lessons learned from this experience and the changes made to the Pullman hotel are being rolled out across the wider MIQ system.

"The Pullman has been a very important part of our MIQ system. It's received consistently good feedback from returnees," Hipkins said.

CCTV has also been upgraded and new strict procedures are in place to limit movement around the facility. 

Hipkins said they have now implemented day zero and day one COVID-19 testing to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 cross-infection within any MIQ facilities. 

The Pullman hotel is set to reopen to full capacity soon.