The AM Show host Duncan Garner reveals 'frightening' electric scooter accident

The AM Show host Duncan Garner has revealed he was involved in a "frightening" scooter accident last week for which he had to get urgent medical care.

Garner was noticeably absent from the show on Friday, having been replaced last-minute by Ryan Bridge, but returned on Monday.

"I've got some explaining to do," he told co-hosts Mark Richardson and Melissa Chan-Green.

"I wasn't here Friday... Well, I was here but I went home. I had a really terrifying scooter accident."

He said he was travelling to work on an electric scooter at "a rate of knots" when he came off and smacked his head on the road.

"I got up and was Googling because I couldn't breathe. So I rushed into work, got an Uber and came into work. I said to the boss, I said 'I don't think I can do this, I have to go home. I have to go to the hospital and get some medical help so I got some medical treatment'."

Garner said he was diagnosed with bruised lungs, bruised ribs and his shoulder was dislocated in the accident.

"I'm really gingery around [my] left [hand side] but I survived it because I had my helmet on," he said.

Richardson mused that he had warned Garner about riding the scooter to work before.

"You were right again," Garner admitted. "Yes, you said: 'At age 46 what a buffoon [you are] doing this, you should just get in a car and be normal.'"

When asked what's happening to the scooter now, Garner said: "it's getting fixed", but he's warning others to be careful on them.

"God I was in pain, it was scary, it was really frightening. To people on scooters - be careful. To those mums and dads that have kids -  put them in the proper gear."