Waikato police mocked online for photoshop fail

Waikato police mocked online for photoshop fail
Photo credit: Police

Waikato Police are being mocked online for a photoshop fail where they tried to hide the identity of one of their unmarked patrol vehicles.

In a post to Facebook on Wednesday, police shared a photo from their car park of their new fleet of undercover cars, which don't have the blue and white stripes and flashing lights.

However, they used photoshop's dark highlighter tool to blackout the vehicle, to keep the car's brand and colour secret.

"I could show you but it would defeat the purpose..." the post said.

"Don't see a police vehicle around? We might just be there anyway. Anytime, anywhere, we are committed to keeping our community safe."

Waikato police mocked online for photoshop fail
Photo credit: Police

But some internet users were able to unveil the vehicle, which is a Holden Equinox.

"If they use a highlighter tool (or a tool with anything less than 100 percent opacity), you can turn up the contrast high enough to see past it," one user explained.

"This only works if the paint tool is not 100 percent opaque. If it is opaque then there will only be black pixels. If not, there is some space to see 'through' it if that makes sense."

Social media users have mocked the police for the 'photoshop fail'.

"How humiliating," one person wrote.

"It's amazing what people can do with photoshop. Scary actually," another said.

"They're trying their best."

Waikato Police have since posted again, admitting the mistake with a 'face-palm' emoji.

"Well that may have been a fail but the message remains the same. Anywhere, anytime," they said.

In a statement, a police spokesperson said they had posted the "tongue-in-cheek Facebook post reminding drivers that unmarked Police vehicles may be out and about on our roads keeping people safe".

"We acknowledge the post didn't quite hit the mark with all of our audience and we've since removed it.

"Our message remains the same - we're out on our roads, committed to reducing harm caused by risky driving behaviour, whether you can see us coming or not."