Watch: Extremely dangerous overtaking caught on camera

Police have warned motorists to report any signs of dangerous driving - especially when travelling during the long weekend.

CCTV footage has captured a car dangerously overtaking another vehicle at the Waikato Expressway around 10:50am on Saturday.

The car, which appeared to be a dark Subaru, was passing a vehicle from a distance, but didn't have enough of a gap to overtake it.

It narrowly missed a crash, but forced the car coming towards it to swerve off the side of the road.

The video was uploaded to Reddit on Sunday with the caption: "What was the hurry?"

"Literally almost completely ruined multiple lives for the sake of saving 5 minutes - utter, utter morons," one person commented.

"Unfortunately this is all too common on NZ roads," another said.

A police spokesperson said anyone who witnesses this type of behaviour should call 555.

"Overtaking vehicles when it is not safe to do so can have deadly repercussions," a police spokesperson said in a statement.

"If you are not driving and it is safe to do so, try to get a registration number of the offending vehicle. This will allow Police to make further enquiries."