Weather: What the three cyclones north of New Zealand mean for us and the Pacific

Cyclone Ana hit the Pacific Islands at the weekend.
Cyclone Ana hit the Pacific Islands at the weekend. Photo credit: Fiji Government / WeatherWatch

Some eastern areas of New Zealand could be in for rough coastal conditions later this week as three tropical cyclones track north of the country.

While no severe weather warnings have been issued for New Zealand, forecaster WeatherWatch says the first cyclone - Cyclone Ana - has been upgraded to severe category 3 after hitting Fiji on Sunday.

The cyclone caused heavy rain and 140km/h winds. One person has died and five others are missing. 

"Ana is now moving away from Fiji's main islands and, for now, looks to be tracking out into open waters," WeatherWatch said in a statement.

The cyclone may now impact Tonga, with wind and rain expected as the cyclone tracks closer to the island nation.

"Ana is unlikely to directly impact New Zealand but the ex-cyclone later this week may bring rougher eastern coastal conditions," WeatherWatch added.

There are also two other cyclones tracking north of New Zealand - Cyclones Bina and Lucas. Cyclone Bina is expected to bring more rain and wind to Fiji on Monday, while Lucas is heading towards Vanuatu and New Caledonia.