Wellington celebrity cat Mittens found unharmed after kidnapping

Wellington celebrity cat Mittens.
Wellington celebrity cat Mittens. Photo credit: Facebook / The Wondrous Adventures of Mittens

Mittens, the famous Wellington cat, has been found unharmed after he was seen being put in a car and driven away on Thursday night.

The Turkish Angora, famous for wandering around Wellington CBD and his ultra-friendly demeanour, caused a flood of concern after a photo of the incident was posted on Wellington community Facebook group Vic Deals.

The person witnessed the feline being picked up and put into a car "by two young guys in hoodies" at around 9pm on Dixon Street.

"Whoever just picked up Mittens and put him IN YOUR CAR and drove away - we saw you do this and we have photos of your vehicle, and we are reporting you to police and SPCA now," they wrote.

Wellington celebrity cat Mittens found unharmed after kidnapping
Photo credit: Facebook / Vic Deals

"The guy in a red hoodie jumped out of his car, ran to pick him up with his friend and then jumped back in the car and sped off."

But within 20 minutes, Mittens' owner Silvio Bruinsma was able to locate his cat and bring him home.

Bruinsma posted on Facebook on Thursday night Mittens was "all safe at home".

"Thank you to those who helped look out for Mittens tonight - great to see the community spring into action!" He wrote on Facebook.

"It was very disappointing that someone thought it was okay to casually pick up someone's cat to take back to their flat in their car."

But Bruinsma said this was not a hurtful move, but came out of pure misjudgement.

"No malicious intent but clearly lacked common sense in making that error in judgement."

"Thank you all and sleep well."

The feline's fans were very relieved to hear.

"I literally was not going to sleep like you and everyone else on this page till he was home. SOOOOOO grateful for this outcome and well done to all you Mittens Protectors. I love this community," one person community.

"Mittens needs a bodyguard!!!" Another commented.

"Pawesome news, can finally relax."