Young girl breaks nose, gets concussion after being flung into bus windscreen

Imogen Adams was admitted to Starship Hospital straight after the incident.
Imogen Adams was admitted to Starship Hospital straight after the incident. Photo credit: Supplied / Getty

A young girl is badly injured after being flung into a bus windscreen on Thursday afternoon.

Imogen Adams, 12, was on the NX1 bus heading southbound towards the Harbour Bridge when a car swerved in front of it, halting the vehicle, and smashing her into the windscreen.

She was admitted to Starship Hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion, a broken nose, and an injured soft tissue around her neck.

Her mother Sarah Young-Shortt says Auckland Transport needs to sort out their bus crowding.

"I think the message needs to be delivered loud and clear to Auckland Council and Auckland Transport to sort it out re bus crowding," she told Newshub.

"They shouldn't be allowing people on unless everyone can be seated, so they need to get more buses running.

"We are so lucky this has not been worse, it could have been fatal." 

Young-Shortt urges anyone who witnessed the incident and has the car's number plate to come forward. 

"Apparently this incident was caused by some f**kwit who thought they were entitled to cut the bus off by pulling into the bus lane," Young-Shortt said.

"Imogen is very small for her age but she impacted the window so hard that it was almost smashed and it is a miracle that she did not go through the windscreen."

Police said they were called to the incident shortly after 3:30pm on Thursday.

"Initial enquiries indicate the girl was injured after she was thrown forward when the bus was forced to brake suddenly after a vehicle swerved in front of it," a police spokesperson told Newshub.

Enquiries are ongoing but anyone who saw the incident is asked to contact police on 105 quoting the event number P045624456.

Auckland Transport (AT) told Newshub they are looking into it with bus operator Ritchies.

"We send our support to the person injured and will be supporting our operator and the police with their investigation," an AT spokesperson said.