Adesanya fighting for a microwave in Christchurch quarantine hotel room

Israel Adesanya is being refused a microwave in his room, so is using an iron to heat his food instead.
Israel Adesanya is being refused a microwave in his room, so is using an iron to heat his food instead. Photo credit: Twitter

Israel Adesanya is using social media to appeal for a microwave in his Christchurch quarantine hotel room - however is being denied due to the fire risk it poses.  

In the past 24 hours, the UFC fighter has posted four videos on his Twitter page complaining about the inability to heat his food, and in the process, receiving a warning from MIQ staff.

In one of the clips, Adesanya can be seen warming up what appears to be a bread roll with an iron before later using a hairdryer to do the same to a container of plantains (a member of the banana family). 

"So the hotel called me cuz of the clips I’ve posted saying I’d be liable for the cost if the fire department gets called out," he wrote to his 856,000 followers on Twitter. 

"So they obviously see that my methods are dangerous and can cause a fire trying to warm up my food. You know what’s less dangerous… a god damn microwave."

The majority of rooms do not include microwaves, as they do not have the "the appropriate fire rating" or "ventilation" facilities to accommodate cooking, a Managed Isolation and Quarantine spokesperson told Newshub. .

"Any heating of food using an alternative implement, such as a hair dryer or iron, in a room would also be considered a fire hazard and is not permitted". 

Adesanya also asked whether he could buy a microwave and have it delivered, however that request was turned down. 

"We try to accommodate returnees’ special dietary or other requirements, including the heating of food wherever possible," they say.

This will be Adesanya’s third time in NZ quarantine after also heading overseas for fights in Abu Dhabi and Las Vegas.

The UFC middleweight champion is sharing a room with other members of his City Kickboxing team, who were involved in UFC259 a fortnight ago. 

Adesanya received his first loss in the UFC, after 20 straight wins, however teammate Kai Kara-France walked away with a win and a US$50,000 bonus for fight of the night. 

During his last two-week isolation period in November, the 31-year-old sent a public message to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern suggesting that all facilities have a designated counsellor or therapist for those needing help with their mental health. 

He had trouble getting there in the first place after getting stranded in the United States because of quarantine facilities being fully booked.  

The Distinction Hotel referred Newshub to the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment who has also been approached for comment.