Coronavirus: Auckland malls 'Boxing Day busy' as city enters level 2

Coronavirus: Auckland malls 'Boxing Day busy' as city enters level 2
Photo credit: Getty Images

Aucklanders have celebrated Sunday's arrival of alert level 2 by flocking to malls and getting out and about.

Some malls were "Boxing Day busy" as locals enjoyed the relative freedom of level 2 following a week in lockdown after cases of COVID-19 were found in the community.

With fewer restrictions and shops able to open, Aucklanders appeared to make up for their time spent in level 3 by showing up to malls in droves.

Taking to social media, several people commented on how busy shopping centres were across the city.

"Avoid Glenfield mall at all costs. The place has never been busier."

"Feels like every person in Auckland is at Sylvia Park today."

"Oh my God Newmarket Westfield is an actual zoo. Please don't come here, no one is social distancing it might as well be level 0."

"The amount of people that are in the mall right now is honestly so gross. It's literally Boxing Day busy."

The change in alert levels also prompted Aucklanders to get outside.

One person says the number of people they've seen enjoying the city gave an "absolutely fantastic vibe".

"This weekend I've seen more people cycling, walking, roller skating, skateboarding, and scooting around Auckland than ever before."

But although the city is no longer in lockdown, Aucklanders are still asked to follow level 2 guidance. This includes keeping a distance of at least two metres in retail stores and one metre in other public spaces, staying home if you feel unwell, and keeping track of where you've been and who you've seen.