COVID-19: Jacinda Ardern refuses to apologise to KFC worker, says family was told to self-isolate

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern denies claims the COVID-19 case who worked at KFC wasn't told to self-isolate. 

The KFC worker, known as Case L, told Newshub she's upset the Prime Minister said she broke the rules when she was never told to self-isolate. 

Case L had family members who were considered a "casual plus" contact of the first Papatoetoe High School student who tested positive.

The family had been told to get tested after the first student tested positive on February 14. But while her two siblings were told to self-isolate, she says she was not.

The Prime Minister on Monday refused to apologise and said a request was included for household members to get tested and keep an eye out on any symptoms.

"We had about 1100 students that we wanted to be tested. They were all requested to be tested and told they couldn't return to school until they were. And that was information that went to that household," she told The Hui.

"There was also a request included in there that for other household members to be tested and of course keep an eye out on any symptoms."

Ardern said she was aware some members of the family identified symptoms but didn't get tested until the end of the week.

"Those family members were asked to be tested and to stay in isolation until they returned results and that hadn't happened.

"They weren't tested until the end of the week, and we had a household that was out and about.

She added, "multiple attempts were made to contact them."

When asked by host Mihingarangi Forbes whether she should make an apology, Ardern replied: "Mihingarangi, the point that I'm making here is that they had two school members who were not meant to leave their home until they were tested. Unfortunately, they did not."

"They got sick and symptomatic, and whilst that happened, their household were continuing with their normal day to day activities."

Ardern then changed tack and said she didn't want to make the situation worse.

"But again, I don't want to make this situation worse for the individual involved by poring over those details."