Kiwi entertainer Mika X named, sentenced for trying to stop indecent assault victim giving evidence against businessman

The Kiwi entertainer who tried to stop an indecent assault victim giving evidence against a prominent businessman has been named and sentenced.

Mika X - who also goes by Mika Haka - was on Tuesday revealed as the well-known entertainer connected to the rich-lister, who last week was found guilty of indecently assaulting three men in the early 2000s, 2008 and 2016. The businessman was also found guilty of trying to stop a witness from giving evidence.

X, a singer and actor, earlier pleaded guilty to two charges of attempting to dissuade and bribe a complainant from giving evidence against the businessman, who continues to have name suppression.

He was sentenced in the Auckland High Court on Tuesday to 11 months' home detention.

X's lawyer, Barbara Hunt, said her client was remorseful.

"Mr X accepts he has made a mistake and he will continue to make amends."

In an email seen by Newshub sent to friends and colleagues on Monday, X said after sentencing he will be able to "breathe again".

"The error of my actions having been acknowledged allows me to move on with gratitude for your aroha, compassion and support."

He says he is prepared for scrutiny in the media, but intends to "continue by my support for the marginalised, voiceless and vulnerable".