Man who leapt in front of racehorses at Wellington Cup Day sentenced to community service

The man who leapt in front of stampeding horses at Wellington Cup Day has pleaded guilty to being a "criminal nuisance" and been sentenced to community service.

Justin Bergman appeared in the Wellington District Court on Thursday, and was sentenced to 100 hours' community work, supervision for 12 months and made to pay reparations of $8000 for what the judge called an "alcohol-fuelled moment of complete madness".

The court heard before Bergman leapt the fence to stand in front of the speeding horses, he approached a jockey and tried to spook his horse.

He then propped himself on the barrier and made loud noises to further annoy the horses.

As the horses sprinted towards the finish line, Bergman jumped three fences to make his way to the centre of the racecourse, forcing the jockeys to swerve to avoid him.

Miraculously, no one was injured.