Mayor Phil Goff gives Aucklanders a growling after 'filthy' return to level 1

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says he was "shocked" to see Britomart in such a state last night.
Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says he was "shocked" to see Britomart in such a state last night. Photo credit: File Image / Reddit @basolili

Phil Goff is scolding Aucklanders over their "filthy behaviour" on their first night back at alert level 1. 

Auckland's Mayor took his anger to social media, sharing an image of Britomart swamped by a flurry of McDonald's litter on Friday night.

The rubbish presumably left behind by Aucklanders who spent their first night back in level 1 enjoying the city's many bars - ending the night with a Maccas stop.

"Shocking to see this picture from last night at Britomart," Goff captioned the image. 

"Come on Auckland we can do better than this filthy behaviour!"

Goff signed the tweet off with two angry face emojis. 

Twitter users responded - pointing out there was "not a rubbish bin insight" in the photo.

"It's really shocking and painful. But are there; one - a sufficient number of garbage bins of a size commensurate with the numbers of visitors and residents of the CBD? Two- signs urging people to throw the waste in the rubbish bins?" 

"Correct. It can also help to place more trash/collection bins on weekends," responded another. 

"Don't see many trash cans in the area."

While others sympathised with Goff.

"Just proof that ignorant people coming into the city to party don’t have much respect for public property because they don’t live here, so why should they care? Very sad that people are like this."

Auckland moved from COVID-19 alert level 2 to level 1 at 12pm on Friday, allowing bars, restaurants and clubs to reopen at full capacity and mass gatherings to occur.