New police patrol cars unveiled

New Zealand's new primary police vehicles have been unveiled after its previous supplier Holden pulled out of the market in 2020.

The new Škoda Superb police cruiser was unveiled in Wellington on Monday, after what Police Commissioner Andrew Coster said was a "rigorous" evaluation process.

Coster said the vehicle is "superb by name and superb in what it offers us".

The new vehicle.
The new vehicle. Photo credit: NZ Police
New police patrol cars unveiled
New police patrol cars unveiled

"For frontline staff, their vehicles are their primary place of work," said Coster.

"The Škoda Superb provides a safer, more comfortable environment for them while being value for money and reducing our carbon emissions across the fleet."

The new vehicles have several prototype features including a perspex divider, live location feed, and an enhanced rear safe for storing tactical equipment.

The first 101 Škodas will be rolled out before the end of June with a further 386 scheduled to hit the road by the end of the year. As the current fleet of 2000 police vehicles reach the end of their useful lives, they will be replaced by the Škodas.

The full rollout is expected to take four years.