Patient of podiatric surgeon accused of botching operations describes 'extremely scary' procedure at hearing

Warning: This article contains details that may disturb some readers.

The future of a podiatric surgeon, accused of botching a number of operations, is being decided this week.

The practitioner, who has interim name suppression, operates across a couple of North Island regions.

The evidence of six patients is being heard by the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.

It's claimed the podiatric surgeon "failed to obtain informed consent, put pressure on people to have surgery by offering discounts, used inappropriate surgical techniques, and used an unqualified staff member to assist in surgery".

A 28-year-old patient, called by the Professional Conduct Committee for Podiatrists, tearfully told the hearing on Monday she still has nightmares about her treatment for hammer toe in 2015.

"He should have told me he was going to cut my toes in half and put wires in, while I was awake to see it all," she said.

The young woman described feeling "extremely scared, lightheaded and confused".

She told the hearing she attended 20 post-operative appointments - three times the number she was advised.

“Once the bandages were taken off it was obvious the wire in my foot had twisted around," she said. 

"Mr X turned the wires around without any pain relief."

Hannah Stuart, the man's legal counsel, said there are "ongoing tensions" between podiatrists, podiatric surgeons and orthopaedic surgeons.

She added "five out of six complainants went to his competitors after they left his care".

Stuart told the hearing his competitors stand to gain from his reputation being brought into disrepute.

The Health and Disability Practitioners Tribunal hearing is expected to last 10 days.