Police searching for pair of Good Samaritans who stepped in during Auckland sushi shop assault

Police are looking for a pair of Good Samaritans who stepped in to help during an assault and burglary at an Auckland sushi shop.

Police say they would "love" to say thanks to the young woman and boy whose brave actions resulted in an arrest. 

The incident happened at 3pm on March 5 at a sushi shop on Jervois Rd, St Mary's Bay.

A man entered Sushi Wasabi, stealing money and punching owner Simyeong Yoo before fleeing on foot. 

"I was a little scared, he pushed me and tried to run away," Yoo told police. "Yeah, so he punched me and threw the money."

Senior Sergeant Mark Clayton was off-duty nearby at the time of the assault. He noticed a man running away from the shop, chased by members of the public.

Snr Sgt Clayton says the man was "about 100 metres" in front of him when he thought "what am I gonna do?"

A woman in her 20s driving a black hatchback then pulled over to help him follow the alleged offender down several streets. 

Clayton says he's "extremely grateful" for her assistance. 

"What was awesome about the situation is that I hadn't explained that I was an off-duty member at all but there was a member of the public willing to assist from what had taken place," Snr Sgt Clayton says.

Snr Sgt Clayton then got out of the car where a boy, aged around 10, pointed out an address where the alleged offender was hiding. 

 As he headed up to the house the man emerged out of some bushes, approaching Snr Sgt Clayton in "quite an aggressive" manner. 

"We managed to calm him down by having a conversation and waited for police arrival."

The 41-year-old man was then arrested and charged with burglary and aggravated assault.

The woman and boy who Snr Sgt Clayton says "went above and beyond" in their efforts to help out left before he could find out who they were. 

Yoo is also thankful for the pair's help, saying they were "very kind".

"They have a warm heart," he says. "I'm happy that I live and stay in a safe place.

"I'm happy with people like that. So yeah, I'm proud of them." 

Snr Sgt Clayton says he and others now want the opportunity to personally thank the pair for their help.

If you know who the woman in her 20s driving a black hatchback, or the boy aged around 10 are, police are asking you to send a message through to their Auckland Facebook page, marked for the attention of Senior Sergeant Mark Clayton.