Police seize seven vehicles from Waikato boy racers amid 'illegal street racing activity'

One of the impounded vehicles.
One of the impounded vehicles. Photo credit: Waikato Police / Facebook

Waikato Police have seized seven vehicles and are threatening to take more following "growing community concerns" over boy racers.

"We are aware of illegal street racing activity happening in certain areas in western Waikato," says Waikato Road Policing Manager Inspector Jeff Penno on Monday.

"This is reckless and dangerous behaviour that negatively impacts on the safety all road users, but also affects the community in terms of noise, pollution and other negative behaviours." 

A recent incident was filmed and photographed by the community, leading to seven vehicles being impounded.

"We have taken action against a number of drivers that were captured on videos doing a 'burn out'," Western Waikato Area Commander Inspector Will Loughrin adds.

"This includes search warrants to seize and impound all vehicles identified from videos that were submitted to police."

Police are setting up community meetings across the western Waikato starting April to get feedback on both boy racer activity and police tactics.

"We have an investigator working full time with a view to enforcement action in the near future," a police spokesperson says.

"Expect to see a number of tactics utilised by police to deter, detect and enforce against this behaviour that have never been used in the Waikato previously."