Resident leaves abusive note for Auckland homeowners after house alarm 'didn't stop all night'

An Auckland homeowner is gutted a resident left an abusive note calling them a "vulture" after the alarm in their just-purchased home supposedly went off all night.

The unnamed homeowner, from Avondale, shared the note with an admin of the Avondale Community group Facebook page - which the admin subsequently re-posted in the group.

"Hey f**king asshole," the note reads.

"Your house alarm went off from 5pm and didn't stop all night long. Our school-aged children couldn't sleep because your irresponsible profit-seeking ass needs a few more dollars flipping a f**king shithole house in an already overpriced housing market.

"F**k you, you vulture."

But the homeowner revealed to the Avondale Community admin the house wasn't purchased to be "flipped", rather it's their family home they are moving into this week.    

"I had a new house alarm fitted to the new house yesterday and unfortunately unbeknownst to us, one of the sensors was faulty and the alarm went off," the homeowner wrote. "I did not know all this till I came to drop off some items at the new house and got the noise control plus police entry notice, as well as a note from a neighbour. I'm so gutted about the note as we're a family with young children."

Resident leaves abusive note for Auckland homeowners after house alarm 'didn't stop all night'
Photo credit: Avondale Community/Facebook

The homeowner said the note had left them dismayed.

"I did go round n [sic] apologise to the neighbours to each side and behind our house and they were all lovely considering I must have caused them a sleepless night.

"Whoever wrote us this note caused a lot of hurt and we are not investors who've flipped anything but are a family who’ve signed on for a huge 30-year mortgage in this overpriced market in hope of owning somewhere to bring our kids up in. It was an awful situation that our alarm went off n [sic] I'm wholly apologetic but I don't think it warrants this note at all."

Many Avondale community members have commented on their shock at the note's rudeness.

"Oh wow, that's disgusting behaviour and letter! Things happen, but that letter is awful," one Facebook commenter said.

"That is horrendous, gutless and so unnecessary. All the best with your move," another wrote.