Tauranga landlord convicted and fined for failing to lodge bond, breaching restraining order

Kevin Bustard must pay $1350 for his "concerning, unlawful and unprofessional" behaviour.
Kevin Bustard must pay $1350 for his "concerning, unlawful and unprofessional" behaviour. Photo credit: Getty

A landlord in Tauranga has been convicted and fined $1350 for breaching a restraining order and failing to lodge bonds.

Kevin Bustard directed several property management companies in the Bay of Plenty area. On Thursday he was found guilty on two counts of breaching a 2019 restraining order issued by the Tenancy Tribunal.

Restraining orders issued by the Tribunal last up to six years and mean if the person involved commits another similar crime they can be charged with a criminal offence - rather than just the fines lodged by the Tribunal.

The order followed Bustard's continued failure to lodge bonds - and when he failed to lodge another, he was brought in front of the Tauranga District Court.

Tenancy Compliance and Investigations National Manager Steve Watson said Bustard's behaviour was "concerning, unlawful and unprofessional". 

"There is no justification for this poor behaviour, and particularly given his previous experience with the Tenancy Tribunal, Mr Bustard should have known better."

Lodging bonds is described by Watson as "fundamental" to the tenancy system.

"By lodging the bond, the money is held for safekeeping by Tenancy Services until the end of the tenancy, when the tenant or landlord can apply to have the money refunded."