Video captures moment royal albatross crash lands in Otago

The moment a royal albatross crash lands next to its nest on the Otago peninsula has been caught on camera.

The video was taken from the Department of Conservation's Royal Cam - a webcam set up near a nest at Otago's Royal Albatross Centre and live-streamed to thousands around the world.

But a snippet of the footage posted to YouTube shows the adult bird dramatically crash landing next to the nest upon its return to feed its chick still in the nest.

It ends with the adult albatross returning to its feet, appearing completely unfazed by the crash.

"The albatross is okay and gets up and walks away showing everyone how not to land when you come in," a caption on the YouTube video says.

Many commenters saw the funny side of the crash, noting they were glad the bird wasn't injured.

"The little one was introduced to the F word right there," one said.

"Best crash landing I have ever seen - classic," another wrote.