Weather: Australia's 'big deluge' to clip New Zealand this weekend

The low making its way towards New Zealand has caused intense rainfall and flooding in NSW.
The low making its way towards New Zealand has caused intense rainfall and flooding in NSW. Photo credit: Reuters / Weather Watch

Australia's "big deluge" which has been wreaking havoc in New South Wales is set to clip New Zealand this weekend.

Leftovers from the low-pressure system are set to trail their way across the ditch - but according to WeatherWatch, they won't be bringing a huge amount of rain for everyone. 

A large high that's been dominating the country will stay in place until the end of the week, meaning New Zealand will see fairly settled conditions.

Then the Australian low begins to edge it out of the way with head weather analyst at WeatherWatch Philip Duncan saying we "will start to see the rain clouds building up" on Friday.


Despite this Friday will stay warm, MetService predicting highs of 24C for Auckland, 25C for Hamilton, 23C for Whangarei, 25C for Christchurch, 20C for Wellington, and 24C for Invercargill. 

Rain clouds will be mostly building up along the West Coast. The region will also see the most rain caused by the low-pressure system beginning with "patchy" falls on Saturday.

"There will be some sort of dry or drizzly spells but generally speaking that rain is moving northwards," says Duncan.

"There's no real low attached to it, a bit of a trough out at sea, a bit messy in other words. There's also a chance of some further rain behind it all." 

The North Island will remain fairly dry and so will the majority of the South Island too - except for the West Coast which will see around 100mm over the next week. 

Intense rainfall caused by the low in NSW has seen flooding likely to be the worst the state has experienced since 1961.

Footage shows increased damage across NSW, with people being winched into helicopters from rooftops as their homes became submerged by floodwaters.