West Coast business owners say meeting with Tourism Minister was a 'waste of time'

The Tourism Minister's meeting with struggling West Coast business owners was a "waste of time", some claimed.

Stuart Nash decided to meet up with struggling business owners in Franz Josef Glacier on Tuesday.

But these Franz Josef and Fox Glacier residents were left wanting. 

The Southern West Coast community has long been an alpine playground for international visitors, today it's a ghost town crying out for help. 

"We cannot save every single business and the government hasn't got a blank cheque book we can write to every business that is struggling and that is a really hard message to give," Nash told Newshub.

A message not well received.  

"Probably a waste of time because it never gave us any more solution to where we're going," one business owner told Newshub.

"The community was definitely expecting a lot more today than what information we got today," another said.

No support in sight, in fact many businesses here say they'll struggle to survive beyond the next six months. 

It was pretty clear that there's no immediate support package of any substance coming out which, while disappointing, the door was left slightly ajar to keep talking about what might happen, Development West Coast CEO Heath Milne told Newshub.

Developments on the west coast have proposed a multi-million dollar commercial package for glacier country. 

"We've asked the minister to look at underwriting that as they have with the business loan guarantee scheme," Milne said.

For many in the westland the minister's visit was token and not appreciated.