Auckland real estate agent who admitted 'disgraceful conduct' celebrated by company as 'true champion'

The agent was described as 'a brand ambassador".
The agent was described as 'a brand ambassador". Photo credit: Getty

A real estate agent who admitted disgraceful conduct has been celebrated by the company that kept her on as a "true champion".

Corinna Mansell was banned from the industry for three months and fined $2500 for selling a rental property to a Waikato pensioner without disclosing it was a leaky home. She quit as the general manager of Remax but was kept on as the manager of their Flatbush office, reports Stuff.

Then at their annual awards ceremony Mansell was awarded the inaugural CEO's Cup with chief executive Don Ha describing her as a "brand ambassador" and a "true champion".

He told Stuff "everyone deserves a second chance" and the real estate company "understands people" rather than "crucifying" them.

Asked for comment, Mansell said "I have been advised, as it is company policy, not to comment. Don has spoken to you and given you his comment."

A Stuff investigation into the dodgy deal revealed Mansell had five opportunities to disclose the house was leaky and had undergone major repairs - all of which she ignored.

A vital report on the house's issue was also never passed on. Mansell blamed the sales agents, Andrew Gibson and Cary Ralph saying she had posted it to them, but an investigation by the Real Estate Authority absolved Gibson and Ralph and blamed Mansell.

A disciplinary tribunal described her behavior as a "serious breach of acceptable standards."