Birthday in Auckland's Westmere ends in man being assaulted

Birthday in Auckland's Westmere ends in man being assaulted
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A 42-year-old man is in a stable condition in hospital after a Friday night party turned sour. 

It's understood he was assaulted during a 40th birthday celebration in the affluent Auckland suburb of Westmere. 

It's a location known for its million-dollar views, designer mansions - and now a violent incident.

"I arrived just after 7:30pm and I think the incident happened around 7:45pm," a witness told Newshub.

It was in that fifteen minutes that the event for around 70 guests went from party to panic. 

The multi-million dollar home in Auckland's Westmere is no stranger to the spotlight. Its design won a major architectural award and, on Friday night it played venue to a 40th birthday party. 

The witness says the mood was fun and relaxed.

Until word got around about the assault and what the 42-year-old man may have been assaulted with.   

Nearly 24 hours ago the quiet Westmere street was teeming with police officers. Many neighbours Newshub spoke to didn't want to appear on camera but say they saw emergency services in the panicked aftermath. 

The witness said they saw 12 police cars and at least 25 officers. 

Police returned to the home on Saturday, and say no arrests have been made and no charges laid. 

"It was shocking to many people and it was just really unfortunate because it did seem like everyone was having a really good time," the witness said.

One that may now take a long time to recover from.

This article was amended on September 7 after instructions from the court.