Coronavirus: Dr Ashley Bloomfield's pun-filled message ahead of Easter weekend

As another public holiday in the COVID-19 pandemic comes around, Kiwis are once again being asked to take extra care should the virus come back into the community.

This time, the public health message has come in the form of an Easter-themed pun-filled video starring Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

The Director-General of Health fronted the 30 second-long light-hearted video, which was posted on Thursday afternoon ahead of the long Easter weekend.

The Facebook video did come with a content warning though - "dad jokes" are ahead.

"This Easter as you hop around, I think it's an egg-ceptionally good idea to scan in everywhere you go, and I cannot eggs-aggerate how important it is to have Bluetooth turned on in the app," Dr Bloomfield says.

"Of course, please be eggs-tra careful. If you're feeling unwell, stay home."

This isn't Dr Bloomfield's first foray into broadcasting public health advice through an amusing video. During the summer festival circuit, he appeared in several virtual 'performances' encouraging audiences to keep washing their hands and to stay safe.

His COVID-19 messaging remix went viral, with some festival-goers saying it was the highlight of their night.