GAS Swanson petrol station owner successfully defends store from robbers

Security cameras have captured the moment an Auckland petrol store owner successfully fended off a group of potential robbers on Sunday night.

The footage shows at least six men in three different cars descending on GAS Swanson in west Auckland around 7pm on Sunday.

The men can be seen with hoodies pulled up to their faces and some appear to be carrying weapons, including what appears to be a pipe, as they run out of their vehicles towards the station.

The daughter of shop owner Zahid Chaudhry told Newshub her father had seen the men approaching and quickly set off a fog cannon and alarm.

"The few guys that approached the shop quickly ran away with their cars," she said.

A police spokesperson confirmed officers responded to a report of a group of people who robbed a commercial premise on Swanson Road at 6:57pm.

"There were no reported injuries and I'm unsure if/what was taken. There's no confirmed information on if any weapons were involved and the number of people. 

"We are making enquiries to locate the alleged offenders."

The petrol station has previously been in the news after Chaudhry fought off a robber in 2012.

"We were still fighting, I didn't want to give up, he didn't want to give up," he told Fairfax NZ at the time.

The fight eventually spilled out onto the station's forecourt, before the attacker gave up and ran away.