High school driving show teaching Canterbury students about road safety

Crash Bash doesn't sound like a positive initiative for high school age drivers. But a joint production by talented actors working with police and the local council is teaching them about road safety and having a huge impact on their driving.

They are actors on stage at a high school making their audience laugh - but their message is deadly serious.

Their show is being performed across high schools in Canterbury and its aim is to educate teenagers.

They talk death: "The biggest reality here is that you could lose your own life, or a life of a friend."

Money: "And that means someone has to pay $100k for that Maserati you hit. That person's you."

And being aware of your surroundings - a problem area for teen drivers.

The actors are from the Court Theatre and even have a police officer making a cameo.

The students get involved which helps raise their awareness.

"Realising just finding out how many distractions there are on the road and how many things you need to be aware of when driving," student Silas Zhang says.

"It's really cool to see how engaging they make it to keep all the youth really listening," adds student Emily Austin.

Police say it's crucial to target this age group. In 2019 there were 73 fatal crashes involving young drivers between 15 and 24 years old. There were 619 serious injury crashes and over 3000 minor injury crashes.

"It's a good time to get these people in the right frame while they are still learning to drive and get some of those key road safety messages through to them," says Warren Campbell, from Canterbury Police.

The show prompts the teens to make some real changes on the road.

"I'll be probably be thinking about my blind spots a bit more, it's something you think 'oh I'll just look in my mirrors for that'," student Sam Duffield says.

"Definitely some things I'll be changing to keep myself and others on the road safe," Austin adds.

Which is something to benefit us all.