Hooded man's blatant theft from Auckland liquor store caught on camera

Police are investigating after a thief was caught on camera brazenly stealing liquor.

Liquorland Glenfield posted CCTV footage on Facebook asking the community for assistance in identifying the "loser" who stole from the store.

In the video a man in a hoodie can be seen walking over to the selection of spirits and picking up three bottles of alcohol - a fourth falls to the floor, which he ignores.

Now carrying three bottles, the man walks straight back out past two members of staff who appear to try and call him back. 

A police spokesperson told Newshub they were aware of the theft, which occurred on Saturday night, and are investigating.

"Police will be looking into the matter and encourage anyone with information about the identity of the person involved to contact 105 quoting file number 210418/5783."

Comments on the Facebook post condemn the man for his brazen theft, saying they hope he faces consequences.

"He isn't very clever, there's a close up of him! Give it time to get him and find him," wrote one man.

Others praised the staff for not pursuing the man, saying it could have "ended badly" for them if he was violent.

Newshub has contacted Liquorland for comment.