Remember to check your smoke alarms as the clocks go back this weekend - Insurance Council

smoke alarm
Smoke alarms need regular checking. Photo credit: Getty

As daylight saving draws to a close this weekend, insurers are reminding people to test smoke alarms and check homes before winter.

The Insurance Council says it's a good time to make sure everything is in working order.

Fire and Emergency data shows just 60 percent of house fire callouts had working smoke alarms last year.

The council said it pays to check fireplaces and chimneys, and have a good stock of dry wood to prevent the build up of creosote inside.

Creosote is a leading cause of chimney fires.

There are a number of other things that people can do ahead of winter to reduce the risk of a house fire, the council said:

  • Test non-electric heaters for gas or carbon monoxide leaks, and make sure all electric heating appliances are free of dust and have cables and plugs that are undamaged.
  • Check electric blankets are in good working order and install timers to ensure they are not accidentally left on.
  • Heaters use more energy than standard appliances so check they are plugged straight into a wall socket to avoid overloading multi-boxes.
  • People should also check roofs, gutters and branches to minimise damage in severe weather, the council said.

Daylight savings ends tomorrow when clocks go back one hour at 3am.