Watch: Shocking moment motorist run off road by Hall's Group truck

The shocking moment a Kiwi motorist was apparently run off the road by a speeding truck has been caught on camera.

In the footage uploaded to Facebook on Thursday, a Hall's branded truck can be seen passing the motorist who says the truck had been following "within three metres" of him for quite some time, with its high beams on.

The man who filmed the truck heading north on State Highway 1 from Rakaia alleges it was travelling "well above" the limit of 90km/h for heavy vehicles, as his car was set to cruise control at 90km/h.

As the truck begins to slide into his lane, the man can be heard swearing - and the truck keeps moving.

It cuts the driver off and forces him off the road completely, before speeding off.

"He deliberately ran me off the road," the man wrote. "You can easily see his wing mirror in the video, so he could clearly see me."

Speaking to Newshub, the driver said Hall's had been in touch multiple times and are taking the incident seriously.

"The driver's actions were disgusting and he shouldn't be on the road driving like that, as he could have killed myself and my passenger - and there is nothing that can justify that," he said.

"[But] Hall's shouldn't be judged by one driver's actions and I'm sure as a result the investigation will be thorough."

A spokesperson for Hall's told Newshub the company has launched an internal investigation and notified police of the incident.

They say preliminary data from the vehicle shows the truck was not speeding - but the footage will be useful for the investigation.

Hall's chief operating officer Russell Hickin says there is never any excuse for unsafe or discourteous driving on the road and no unsafe driving is considered acceptable.

He says 99.9 percent of Hall's drivers "understand what good driving is".

"The majority are experienced, professional and take great care to abide by the requirements of what can be a very challenging role.

Hall's says operational managers across the company will be reminding drivers of what’s expected of them and once investigations are complete and appropriate action taken, a refreshed safe driving campaign will be run.

He added the incident has "led to a number of complaints and comments on social media... which is disappointing for all those at Hall’s who work very hard to promote a safe driving culture."