Wellington bus drivers vote for strike action after bitter pay dispute

Bus drivers in Wellington have voted overwhelmingly for strike action after a bitter pay dispute with NZ Bus broke down.

Tramways Union is keeping quiet about the details, revealing the strike might happen in the next few weeks. 

The union will give just 24 hours notice, adding it could be a one-off or a series of strikes. 

Bus commuters in the capital are no strangers to disruption due to ongoing cancellations as a result of the driver shortage.

On Wednesday, 269 bus services were cancelled so union members could attend a Stop Work meeting, where the majority voted for strike action.

"The straw that breaks the camel's back is really the company's offer to renew our collective agreements, which would see a significant cut in income. And especially, not so much the money really, but the terms and conditions of employment," says Kelvin O'Sullivan, Tramways Union secretary.

NZ Bus says the deal it has offered the union is a good one. It adds it is deeply disappointed the union rejected the deal and that it is threatening strike action.

The union says it is open to returning to the negotiating table, but the strike does appear to be in motion. 

Drivers will begin handing out flyers next week explaining why they plan to strike.