Auckland learner driver scared to drive after she was 'honked at', tailgated and overtaken on blind corner

A 16-year-old Auckland girl was left 'panicked' after she was tailgated and 'honked at' while learning to drive. 

Kaipara High School student Bailey Parry was driving with her mother back to their home in Waimauku when they encountered the reckless motorist at 5:45pm on Thursday. 

The incident was captured by another motorist travelling behind the pair during the driving lesson who later supplied the footage to the family afterwards. 

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It shows a black 4WD tailgating the cream PT Cruiser before eventually overtaking it and speeding off near a blind corner. 

The learner driver's mother, Maxine Parry, told Newshub the 4WD tailgated them for about a kilometre from Kiwitahi Rd to Old North Road despite the learner plates being visible and driving the speed limit of 80k/h. 

Auckland learner driver scared to drive after she was 'honked at', tailgated and overtaken on blind corner
Photo credit: Supplied - Maxine Parry

Maxine said her daughter would have needed to slam on her brakes and turn into a driveway for the guy to get pass but thinks the aggressive motorist would probably crash into them if she did.  

"She said to me, 'should I pull over? Should I pull over?' And I said 'no, there isn't anywhere to go.'"

Maxine believes her daughter will have the confidence to drive again but said she refused to get behind the wheel again that day because she was frightened. 

"Not after what has happened mum, I don't want to drive tonight," the mother recalled her high school student telling her. 

Maxine has a strong message for the driver to "back off" and claims she will "certainly be looking out" for the thoughtless motorist. 

"He had a small child in that car and one day that small child's going to drive herself, I think it was a wee girl… and how would he feel if he's got someone sitting on his daughter's backside, you know honking her out the way." 

"You see learner plates, give that person a bit of space," Maxine added. 

Maxine shared the motorist's registration on their local community Facebook page and received several comments from people who allegedly had similar experiences with the same vehicle. 

One person commented that the driver is known for his alleged bad driving and it was a common occurrence. 

She said the video and the driver's registration number has been shared with the police.