Coronavirus: Calls for repatriation flight grow for New Zealanders stuck in India

The calls are growing louder from New Zealanders stuck in India for the Government to organise a repatriation flight.

Newshub has been contacted by dozens of Kiwis there, but they're concerned their desperate pleas are falling on deaf ears. 

For Kiwis who are stuck in India, it's like a never-ending nightmare.

"Shortage of hospitals, shortage of medical equipment, shortage of COVID vaccine," Uppkar Kashyap says.

"If something happened to me here, I don't know how I'd survive, I don't know if I'd be alive."

For the families trying to keep it together at home, it's become too much to bear.

"Every day as a mum, you have to show up for your kids. They don't know the emotion behind this. I have to be strong from them," Uppkar's wife Teagan Kashyap says.

Kashyap travelled to India for his father's funeral, meaning he had to leave his wife and kids behind for an emergency trip to sort out family affairs.

But as the Government blocked him from coming home, two weeks stretched into four. Now the New Zealand citizen can come home, but it's near impossible.

"I've booked three flights so far, none of them are coming from India," he says.

As the rest of the world blocks travel from India, the Kashyap family has run out of options.

"We just really want a repatriation flight to bring them home," Teagan says.

COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said in a statement the Government has had to make tough decisions to protect New Zealanders from the virus, but repatriation flights are not currently being offered. 

The Human Rights Commission says it's watching the situation in India closely and has written to the minister seeking clarification on the recent changes affecting New Zealanders wanting to return home.