COVID-19: No new cases in community, one in managed isolation

One new arrival has tested positive for COVID-19 in a managed isolation and quarantine facility (MIQ) in the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Health said on Tuesday.

There are no new cases of COVID-19 in the community.

The new imported case arrived from the United Kingdom via Qatar on April 26 and tested positive at around day six of their stay. The individual was presenting symptoms at the facility, the ministry said, and is now quarantining in Auckland.

Two previously reported cases have recovered as of Tuesday, bringing the total number of active cases to 24.  

To date, New Zealand has recorded 2267 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Since January 1, 2021, 451 people have tested positive for the virus in the country - 50 of which have been classified as historical infections, meaning they were not contagious at the time of their positive swab.  

Western Australia update  

The Ministry of Health is continuing to monitor developments in Western Australia, with no further community cases being reported in Perth.   

"New Zealand health officials continue to assess the risk to public health in New Zealand as low," a spokesperson for the ministry said on Tuesday.

New locations of interest have been listed however, and people who were in Perth between April 27 and May 1 are advised to continue checking the Western Australian Government website for updates. 

"If you have recently arrived in New Zealand from Australia and were in a location of interest at the specified time, please self-isolate immediately and call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for information on when you should be tested," the spokesperson advised.

"If you were at a location of interest at a specified time and you are still in Perth and are planning to travel to New Zealand, you are asked to follow the Western Australia health advice regarding isolation and testing on the above website. Anyone who has been at a location of interest cannot travel to New Zealand from Australia within 14 days of exposure."  

So far, no travellers who arrived in New Zealand have contacted Healthline to say they were at any of the locations of interest currently connected to these cases at the specified times.  

More than 800 passengers who travelled either directly or indirectly between Western Australia and New Zealand between April 27 and May 1 have now been contacted by the Ministry of Health's contact tracing team and given the above advice.

Brisbane Airport green zone breach update

Twenty-nine people in New Zealand considered casual-plus contacts in relation to the Brisbane Airport green zone breach are due for their day five test on Tuesday, the ministry said. These results will be available in the coming days.  

Remaining passengers who weren't at the locations of interest at the specified times should continue monitoring their health and if symptoms develop, call Healthline and get a test.  

The risk from this event continues to be assessed as low.  

Testing information  

The total number of tests processed by laboratories to date is 2,031,925.  

On Monday, 2726 tests were processed. The seven-day rolling average up to yesterday is 3872 tests.  

For all testing locations nationwide visit the Healthpoint website.