Horror night in Auckland as eight seriously injured in three separate crashes

Eight people were taken to hospital in a serious condition and one moderate after separate crashes in Auckland overnight.

The three accidents come after eleven deaths on our roads over the last week.  

It was 7:30pm on Friday night and there's a flurry of activity on a residential east Auckland street. 

Police and Fire Emergency were busily working on a crumpled red car that lost control and smashed into a parked vehicle, the impact so great it brought down a power line. 

"I live just up the road, and I've heard the car coming down the road, heard him lose control, next thing 'crash'. So, I've run down here, luckily a bus has stopped up here, we've grabbed his fire extinguisher," says Cockle Bay resident Julie Ellington.

The quick-thinking efforts of Pah Rd residents who raced to put out the fire meant a short time later a person was pulled from the car on a stretcher - but alive. 

One person was taken to hospital in a serious condition and the other passenger was moderate. 

"That fire would have kept going. He was trapped in there. Unfortunately there wouldn't have been much we could have done, if we hadn't have got the fire out, I don't think," says Ellington.

Two hours later and this time in south Auckland, another street glowing in tell-tale emergency light, another fast-working huddle around someone in need.  

There was an accident on the Opaheke Rd railway line with a car colliding with the barrier arm and train. 

Two were seriously injured with the Westpac helicopter on scene. 

As Friday became Saturday, there was more devastation.

A ute flipped on its side after crashing into a Caltex petrol station sign in Glenbrook. Two passengers were ejected from the vehicle while the other three were trapped. All five were taken to hospital in a serious condition.

Friday night's three separate accidents are each being investigated.