Kiwi mum 'grateful' after finding heartwarming note, money on car

Trisha McHardy found a note and $5 on her windscreen wiper.
Trisha McHardy found a note and $5 on her windscreen wiper. Photo credit: Trisha McHardy

A Kiwi mother is trying to find the "beautiful person" who generously left money and an anonymous note on her car windscreen.

The note, left under Trisha McHardy's window wiper, reads: "Shout yourself a coffee - you're a wonderful mum."

McHardy posted a picture of the note and $5 to a public west Auckland Facebook group on Wednesday, in an attempt to find her mysterious admirer.

"Thank you so much for sticking this under my window wiper this morning," McHardy writes.

"Definitely felt the love - made my whole week. You're such a beautiful person, so grateful for people like you and I hope you have an awesome rest of the week!"

McHardy says she wanted to see "if I can find this person who probably saw me drive off with the note still on my windscreen".

"Yes I found it eventually... Would love to shout you a coffee if you like."

The post has accumulated hundreds of comments praising the stranger for being so kind, but the generous note-leaver is yet to step forward.

"It always amazes me how such a small gesture of love and kindness can make someone's day," one group member writes.

Another user shared a similar experience they had with a kind stranger.

"This happened to me once with a large bouquet of flowers... the lady said I would just like to make someone's day by paying it forward."

McHardy told Newshub on Thursday that she is still yet to find the owner of the mysterious note, but "would love to meet them".