Number One Shoes employee arrested over alleged covert, sexual acts with coworkers' shoes for fetish site

Malachai Wylie and one of his coworker's shoes he's accused of committing lewd sexual acts with.
Malachai Wylie and one of his coworker's shoes he's accused of committing lewd sexual acts with. Photo credit: Facebook / Supplied

Warning: This article contains graphic details and images, and discusses sexual misconduct.

Newshub can reveal a Palmerston North shoe store employee has allegedly been taking candid photos of co-workers and customers before sniffing, spitting and ejaculating in their shoes, and posting the evidence online on a forum for foot fetishists.

These posts describe in detail how their socks and shoes smell before and after the acts - and he has allegedly been posting even more explicit content to porn websites.

The man has recently been arrested and charged with two counts of offensive behaviour and one of theft.

However a Newshub investigation has uncovered this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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In December 2020, a profile identified as belonging to Palmerston North Number One Shoes employee Malachai Wylie began posting images from his store to an online shoe fetish site.

It started with a thread titled 'Workmate's Converse in work locker' which now has 8900 pageviews. 

"I was at work yesterday and noticed my workmate had received a new pair of shoes for work (I work at a shoe store and we have to wear the store's footwear) and came in wearing her Converse," the first post reads.

"On my big break, I managed to get her locker open and check out her shoes."

A co-worker's shoes.
A co-worker's shoes. Photo credit: Supplied

Wylie allegedly took her Converse into the work bathroom and photographed them - and also photographed her sitting in their breakroom. These images were uploaded to the thread along with a description of how her shoes smelt.

Then, in January 2021, came a disturbing revelation - he allegedly photographed himself as he inserted his erect penis into the younger co-worker's shoes and ejaculated inside them.

Newshub has chosen not to publish these photos.

A few days later, a post on Wylie's profile revealed a second, older coworker's shoes were being targeted.

"She wore Nike AF 1 into work and left them in her locker so I thought they deserved a cum," the post read, along with further images of a penis, semen in her shoes and photos of her in the breakroom.

Then came a second thread in January 2021 titled 'Candid girls at my workplace!', which has been viewed over 13,000 times.

Newshub contacted both Number One Shoes and the Number One Shoes Palmerston North store about their employee - they both declined to comment.

The first posts were of female customers, with details of their looks, ages, and a description of their shoes and the 'footprint' inside.

"As you may imagine from time to time there are some pretty sexy experiences - my favourite is when hot girls leave their shoes lying around as they walk across the store to get other shoes,", came the post kicking off the thread.

"I don't want to get too crazy (I don't want to lose my job) but am open to ideas!"

In shared image albums, the profile offered up "candid" photos of customers and their shoes on the shop floor - even including full face photos. 

"Had a younger girl come in yesterday and I simply couldn't resist getting some photos of her sexy boots," the profile wrote as it shared one album.

"The boots had a slight sweat smell to them however the socks were the real gold, they had a little stronger sweat smell, but not enough to reek which was the perfect balance for me."

In February, a post on Wylie's profile revealed how he had returned his attention back to his coworkers. The post talked about how he's been "cumming" in the younger female shop assistant's Converse sneakers whenever he can.

Later in February, a post described an "incredible experience" where he sniffed and ejaculated into a third female coworker's boots. Photos of this - along with photos he'd taken of the third co-worker sitting in their break-room with her face visible - were posted to the shoe fetish site.

In March came another escalation. A post on Wylie's profile said as he was walking home from work, he spotted a "fit" brunette ahead of him. He identified where she lived then waited until the quiet of the next morning to return to her house. There, he allegedly sniffed, spat into and photographed shoes on her porch in broad daylight.

"Damn man amazing," one person replied to this.

Two weeks later, another update on his younger co-worker's shoes, with photos showing a fresh load of semen spread across her insole. Another image showed her name and the name of the store.

The younger co-worker's shoes showing semen on the insole.
The younger co-worker's shoes showing semen on the insole. Photo credit: Supplied

And Wylie allegedly targeted young female customers who left their shoes lying around while they tried others on. One blonde with Nike Air Forces was surreptitiously photographed while he lurked in the area, waiting to steal her insoles.

Then was this description of how he allegedly treated another customer: "I got to spit in her runner which was really hot and she put it back on without thinking twice! Hot!"

But in April came bad news - his profile stated he had been called into the manager's office. It appears his phone use on the shop floor had been noticed and he was ordered to leave it in the locker room.

However this only meant he turned his attentions back to his workmates, including a new male co-worker who also fell victim to having his Nikes inseminated and the evidence posted online.

To the approval of his followers, he described how "hot" it is to see his two co-workers talking at work, knowing that he has pleasured himself into both of their shoes.

"Nice job!" one replied. "They put their shoes in the locker thinking that's where they stay, meanwhile in reality they're getting flooded with cum and shown to the world."

Wylie's male co-worker had his shoes ejaculated in too.
Wylie's male co-worker had his shoes ejaculated in too. Photo credit: Supplied

One of the last updates, posted on April 15, contained multiple albums of sniffing and spitting into a customer's shoes, ejaculating into a male worker's, and photographing a female coworker's boots as she sat down.

Thrilled by these actions, commenters requested more details on the third coworker, including asking him to "somehow record her as she was putting the cummy shoes on".

"That would be a great memory that lasts forever haha," a commenter wrote.

This behaviour only came to light following the diligent work from Ellen*, a woman in Germany who frequently sells clothes online. She noticed photos of second-hand clothing were appearing on fetish sites then uncovered these threads on a shoe fetish forum.

She even managed to identify the workplace and the younger co-worker from a photo taken of her work locker, including a document containing her full name.

After Ellen posted an appeal for help, Newshub spoke to her and launched our investigation. She says she thought about what she should do with the information for days, feeling awful for the co-workers who were "being used then being presented online just for someone's own sexual pleasure".

"I was really conflicted if I should even try to do something about it because I don't know how I would react after being told something like this," she tells Newshub.

"Maybe it would be better not to know? But that the guy could just continue doing this to people without consequences didn't sit right with me."

Police confirm Wylie has been arrested and the matter is now before the courts.

"A 23 year old man was arrested on 23/4/21 and charged with two counts of offensive behaviour and one of theft," a spokesperson told Newshub.

"He appeared in the Palmerston District Court on 29/4/21 and was remanded on bail to appear again in the same court on 25/5/21."

Newshub contacted Wylie and asked him why he's been targeting his coworkers.

Wylie responded by asking if the story could not be published, adding it would "destroy my life".

He refused to answer other questions about why he acted this way.

In part 2 of our series, we uncover how Malachai Wylie has allegedly spent over half a decade using fake profiles to harvest shoe, feet and underwear photos from high school girls as young as 14 - with as many as 250 victims across two New Zealand regions.

We reveal how he's allegedly been sharing their photos and contact details to his network of followers who describe the explicit sexual acts they would like to do to them - and we reveal how far he's gone in the past.