Police, mother call for help in search for missing Hamilton girl

Chastity. Photo credit: Police

Police are asking the public for help after a series of reported sightings of a missing Hamilton teenager were found to be inconclusive.

Chastity, 13, was last seen in Dey Street, Hamilton East around 5:45pm on Saturday, a police spokesperson said.

She was last seen wearing a white top, red patterned shorts, and blue jandals and is believed to be in the Hamilton or Taupo areas.

"Police have also had several reports of sightings of Chastity getting into a green Jeep," the spokesperson said.

"We've thoroughly investigated these leads and found them to be inconsistent with the timeline of when Chastity went missing. 

"We thank the public for their help and urge them to come forward with any information they may have."

A woman, believed to be Chastity's mother, has taken to social media asking for the public's help.

"Baby where are you," she posted to Facebook on Saturday. "I don't know why she has gone."

The woman said the family is new to the area and Chastity "probably just wants to explore Hamilton".

"She has all our family here but hasn't gone to our family as of yet. She was happy as she is on a daily nothing out of the ordinary.

"Thank you to everyone who had helped try to look for her all hours and [are] still keeping a lookout. I very much appreciate everything."

This comes as police are also investigating the disappearance of a 12-year-old boy who is missing from his Kaiapoi home.

Korbin was last seen at home at 8.30pm on Sunday and it's thought he may have caught a bus into Christchurch.