Vodafone experiencing 'intermittent loss of data'

Vodafone says they are "urgently investigating" the issue.
Vodafone says they are "urgently investigating" the issue. Photo credit: Getty Images

Vodafone's data network is down, causing "panic" and "unnecessary stress" for customers across the country. 

The mobile provider confirmed on Saturday afternoon it was experiencing "intermittent loss of data". 

"We are aware of an issue causing intermittent loss of data for some fixed and mobile connections. Our team is urgently investigating this. Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused," Vodafone wrote on Twitter. 

More than 400 Vodafone users have reported their internet as down on downdetector.com.

Customers weren't impressed, some saying their connection had been out for 45 minutes to an hour. 

"Our rural broadband reception has been stuffed for an hour in Kaitaia. When will it get fixed? Even my cell phone data, independent of rural broadband, is speeding along like an internet turtle," one said on Twitter. 

"Definitely not 'intermittent' for our fixed connection. It has been out for about 45 minutes now," said another. 

Another customer said Vodafone should notify customers via text when their data network is out. 

"Managed to get on the Wi-Fi at the library, to check my usage and this message, can you send out a text instead of info on data?

"It would stop a lot of panic and unnecessary stress."