Waikato DHB cyber attack: Payroll glitch underpays some employees by $800

The ransomware attack that's crippled the Waikato District Health Board (DHB) has created a further headache - a payroll glitch.

Newshub understands some staff were underpaid on Wednesday by as much as $800.

The DHB is talking to banks and sorting it out with some good old-fashioned addition and subtraction to pay back the difference.

"We will rectify that today," says Waikato DHB CEO Kevin Snee.

Money should be through on Thursday or Friday.

"I'm sure they will make their best efforts to rectify this as soon as possible," says New Zealand Nurses Organisation kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku. "The issue still remains that nurses live pay week to pay week."

The DHB is now in its third day of dealing with a ransomware cyber-attack. Snee says it's "intensely annoying".

"They can't do the things they want to do but they're making the best of it."

Snee is also denying claims staff are being forced to take annual leave.

"If people don't have work to do because of the problem, if they're happy to take annual leave and want to, we're happy for them to do so."

Most elective surgeries and outpatient appointments are going ahead, while Auckland and Tauranga DHBs have picked up some cancer patients.

While it says more servers should be back up and running soon, the DHB says it doesn't expect everything to be resolved until sometime next week.

Even though there's no specific time frame for a resolution, its position on not paying a ransom hasn't changed. But one thing the DHB can breathe a sigh of relief over is cybersecurity insurance.

"We're making sure we'll collect everything to lodge a claim," Snee says.

What remains to be seen is just how much they'll be claiming for.