Weather: Several state highways, roads closed as flooding hits Canterbury

Several roads and state highways across Canterbury are closed as widespread flooding and wild weather lash the region.

Timaru, Ashburton, and Selwyn have declared a state of emergency and have evacuated two communities.

The wet weather is causing dangerous river conditions and extensive flooding across the region. Slips and floodwaters are disrupting travel, making some roads impassable and "possibly isolating communities".

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency says the persistent rainfall has closed several state highways. Others are being watched and may be closed if surface flooding continues and as night approaches with reduced visibility.

"Please avoid travelling through south and mid-Canterbury and postpone your trips wherever possible on all these routes," says Tresca Forrester, journey manager for Waka Kotahi.

State Highway closures

  • SH73 linking the West Coast and Canterbury between Springfield/Porter's Pass and Castle Hill due to a bridge approach washout and surface flooding is closed. This route will stay closed overnight and Monday morning at least.
  • SH79 Fairlie to Rangitata due to flooding across the highway and at key culverts/bridges. Closure points are at Claytons Road (Fairlie end) and Earl Road (Geraldine end). This closure will be in place overnight. 
  • SH8 through Burkes Pass is likely to close on Sunday afternoon from Fairlie to Tekapo with culverts constantly filling with debris. 
  • SH77 from Darfield to Methven and Ashburton because there is flooding near Hawkins Bridge. The Selwyn River/Waikirikiri has breached its banks at Glentunnel and is flowing across SH77 to the south. This closure may be extended back to Windwhistle soon.
  • SH1 south of Temuka. The highway is closed at Arowhenua Road/the Opihi River.

Timaru closures

  • Te Awa Rd near SH1
  • Tiplady Rd
  • Coach Rd
  • Route 72 - Winchester to Geraldine
  • Inland Scenic Route 72 - Geraldine to Arundel
  • Waitohi Temuka Rd (Manse Bridge)
  • Winchester Hanging Rock Rd (Brenton to Rapawai)
  • Gualter Rd
  • Te Moana Rd
  • School Rd (Bridge approach)
  • Pleasant Valley (from SH79)
  • Palmer Rd
  • Station Rd
  • Iverach Rd
  • Peel Forest Rd
  • North Boundary Rd
  • Rangitata Rd
  • Blandswood Rd
  • Mulvihill Rd 
  • Hall Rd
  • Cassey Rd
  • Seven Sisters Rd
Weather: Several state highways, roads closed as flooding hits Canterbury
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Ashburton closures

  • Thompsons Track - from Ashburton Staveley Rd to Mayfield Valetta Rd
  • Thompsons Track - from Jamiesons Rd to Winchmore Lauriston Rd
  • Tramway Rd - from Thompsons Track to Locheads Rd
  • Arundel Rakaia Gorge Rd - from Intersection of Tinwald Westerfield Mayfield Rd to Pudding Hill Rd
  • Ashburton Staveley Rd - between SH77 and Thompsons Track
  • Blackford Rd & Double Hill Run Rd - from SH77
  • Ashburton Gorge Rd - from Stour River Bridge to Hakatere Potts Rd
  • Barkers Rd - between Holmes and Back Track Rd
  • Lyndhurst Rd - between Line Rd and Methven Chertsey Rd
  • Methven Chertsey Rd - between Lyndhurst Rd and Highbank Cairnbrae Rd
  • Forks Rd - between Arundel Rakaia Gorge Rd and Thompsons Track
  • Mt Hutt Station Rd - between SH77 and SH77
  • Lowerdowns Rd - between Mayfield Klondyke and Blairs Rd
  • Anama Settlement Rd - Between Mayfield Klondyke and Blairs Rd
  • River Rd - From Beach Rd East to Wakanui School Rd

Sunshine Bridges

  • Hackthorne Rd - between Barford Rd and Lismore Mayfield Rd
  • Winslow Rd - between Swamp Rd and Hinds Lismore Rd
  • Boundary Rd - between Isleworth and Lynnford Rd

Christchurch closures

  • Avonside Rd - from Retreat Rd to Woodham Rd
  • One lane on Fitzgerald Ave - between Kilmore St and Cambridge Terrace
  • River Rd - from Banks Ave to Medway St
  • Aynsley Terrace - from Centaurus Rd to Opawa Rd
  • Clarendon Terrace - from Sheldon St to Opawa Rd
  • Richardson Terrace - from Opawa Rd to Mackenzie Ave
  • McCormacks Bay Rd
  • Cumnor Terrace - from Chapmans Road to Garlands Rd
  • Ford Rd - from Opawa Rd to Newbery St
  • Eastern Terrace - from Malcolm St to Tennyson Ave
  • Eglington St - from Breezes Rd to Woolley St
  • Woolley St - from Avondale Rd to Waratah St
  • Avondale Rd - from New Brighton Rd/Bassett St to Breezes Rd
  • Newport Rd - from Emlyn St to Wainoni Rd
  • Owles Terrace - from Hardy St to Collingwood Rd