Bizarre west Auckland street fight over 'girl at the liquor store' spills into elderly man's home, ends in arrest

A bizarre street fight in west Auckland filmed by one of the participants has ended in an arrest.

One of the men recorded half of the incident and posted it on Facebook on Thursday, where it was shared and mocked for its sheer absurdity.

The two men can be seen lunging at each other, threatening to kill each other and bringing up the treatment of a woman who works at the liquor store.

The man recording asks "who's your missus?" to which the man in red gets defensive of "the one that works at the liquor store".

The man in red appears to have a knife in his pocket. He demands he and his adversary "meet in the park in 10 minutes" to continue to fight.The man recording tells him to "stab me" before putting the phone down and chasing the man in red with a brick.

The pair ended up fighting inside a local elderly man's home after they disappear offscreen in the video.

"The offenders have entered a member of the public's house, pushed aside the homeowner and grabbed items from the kitchen to continuing fighting each other with," police said in a statement.

Facebook viewers were quick to see the video as amusing and bizarre, one writing "What happened at the liquor store though?"

Another person added: "paper scissors rock...Idk who's worse you or him...eggs."

Police said they were called to an incident on Great North Road, west Auckland, at 1:40pm on Thursday afternoon.

A 21-year-old was arrested for a number of charges including burglary, common assault and threatening behaviour.

The person arrested is due to appear in Waitakere District Court in July.

Police are continuing to identify and locate others involved in this incident.