Christchurch boy hospitalised with concussion after racially motivated attack

Christchurch boy hospitalised with concussion after racially motivated attack
Photo credit: Getty Images, GoogleMaps

A Christchurch sister and brother are worried for their safety following a racially motivated attack that left the brother in hospital with a concussion.

The incident occurred when the New Zealand-born siblings of Japanese descent were out for a run in Bishopdale's Harewood Road on May 31.

The sister, 17, told Stuff around 5pm they noticed they were being followed by two European boys aged around 17 - 19 years old.

The youth chased after them and tried to trip the brother up, but when that failed, they put him in a headlock.

She said her brother was able to escape but the siblings continued to be harassed.

The youth kept telling them "you ate my dog" before they began to throw punches.

The brother was punched in the eye and received a concussion during the assault while the sister was kicked in the shin.

"I wasn't scared, but I was concerned about my brother because he was the target," she told Stuff.

"[He] is everything to me – I don't want him hurt."

She said they were pinned against a fence and assaulted for at least five minutes before a car driving past slowed down and tooted that the youth walked away.

The sister said she wanted their story shared to raise awareness of racial abuse which she did not think would ever happen in the "diverse city" of Christchurch.

A police spokesperson confirmed they had received a report of the "unprovoked assault".

"Two people were reportedly assaulted by two unknown males at around 5:10pm. The offenders fled the scene on foot. 

"Police are treating this incident very seriously. Enquiries are underway, and officers want anyone who may have information that can help to get in touch."

The spokesperson urged anyone with information to pass it on to police by calling 105, quoting file number 210601/2066. 

Information can also be provided anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

"Police encourage anyone who has concerns for their safety or the safety of others to call 111 straight away to report it."