Auckland Transport takes action over conspiracy flyer on Auckland bus

The flyer.
The flyer. Photo credit: Reddit

Auckland Transport says it will remove a conspiracy theory flyer found on an Auckland bus which accused Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of "destroying NZ democracy" by giving Māori people more power.

The person who found the flyer posted a photo of it to the New Zealand Reddit thread on Monday.

It makes the unfounded claim: "Jacinda supports 50 percent Māori rule. Pakeha votes will be worth less than Māori votes. Jacinda is destroying NZ democracy behind your back. Wake up Kiwis! Has Jacinda fooled you?"

The person said they found it plastered to the back of a seat on a 650 bus, which travels from Shaftesbury Ave in Point Chevalier to the central east suburb of Glen Innes.

"Nutjob theory flier on the route 650 bus in Auckland," the person wrote.

Some commenters were horrified by the flyer while others questioned why the person had put a picture of the flyer up online, as it drew more attention to it.

However, the original poster said they hoped it would spark conversations about racism in New Zealand "and the fact that people think it's acceptable to be littering these in public". 

"Our society will never move on if we can't have conversations about these things and try to hide them."

A spokesperson for Auckland Transport confirmed the public isn't allowed to put their own posters in buses.

"We will contact the bus operator and this will be removed when the bus is cleaned at the end of the day." 

This comes after a post was made to the NZ Farming Facebook page which criticised the Treaty of Waitangi and media outlets.

The page's founder Tyler Fifield claimed news outlets had "suddenly gone crazy on Māori language and other Māori issues" for money - "your money, given to them by Ardern".