Coronavirus: Two Air New Zealand workers were self-isolating after potential exposure event

Two Air New Zealand workers were self-isolating after they were potentially exposed to COVID-19.

In a statement to Newshub, a spokesperson for Air New Zealand confirmed the incident.

"Two of our employees were self-isolating at home after a potential exposure to a COVID-19 case."

However they said the advice has since changed.

"ARPHS (Auckland Regional Public Health Service) reviewed the case yesterday and advised no action was required."

The Ministry of Health has been approached for comment.

During a Ministry of Health press conference on Thursday morning, Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield provided more information on the situation.

He said the positive COVID-19 case was a crew member of a Malaysian airlines flight which arrived in Auckland earlier this week.

"Normally the crew would stay airside, on the aircraft and then travel back to the country they have come from. In this case, it was identified that one of the crew members had symptoms so when they arrived they were taken to a quarantine facility and tested and found to be positive."

He said other crew members were then also transferred and an investigation was carried out.

As part of this, two Air New Zealand ground employees were initially considered to be positive contacts.

"However, upon further review they have now been classified as casual contacts, they were wearing full PPE and there was no physical contact," Dr Bloomfield said. "At this point there is no further action required or needed regarding isolating or testing."