Derelict Wellington home could sell for more than $1 million, even though it's too dangerous to enter

If you're in the market for a million-dollar home in Wellington, there's a 1970s build available with stellar views.

The only problem is, you won't be able to view it.

The home, located in the suburb of Northland, is too unsafe to enter - but that hasn't stopped interest from potential buyers around the world.

From the outside, it's an eyesore: a rusted roof, cracked walls, and what appears to be a sloping balcony.

Ray White salesperson Ben Atwill told Newshub it would have been "phenomenal" almost 50 years ago, when it was built. 

But what the four-bedroom, multi-storey home does have is million-dollar views, as well as an internal courtyard. And it could be yours - with a catch. 

No open homes will be held for this listing as it's been deemed too unsafe to enter by the Wellington City Council.

Atwill hasn't seen it either. 

"I have not been inside the home, I'm not allowed to go inside the home. We can only go off the public record," he told Newshub.

It's currently under a Dangerous Building Notice, so potential buyers will have to rely on photos of the property.

But there is still strong interest, with one person beaming in from Australia to see the exterior.

The property goes to auction in two weeks - and while the reserve price is confidential, property information website values it at around $1.3 million.

Local resident Neil Pharazyn says the vendor has mostly kept to himself over the four decades he lived at the property.

"It's been a mystery to all of us our neighbours - I think even the ones who live close by don't know the guy. I saw him once."

But the real mystery now is who will buy this derelict home - and for what price?